IF Workflow

What we do is no rocket science. It’s creation. We strongly belief in the sky is the limit. We deliver made to measure experiences.
For creation is a process and not a mathematical equation we made an example of our work flow to help you understand how we work.

  • 1. Briefing

    IF and the client go threw initial briefing and budget estimate

  • 2. Debriefing and first thoughts

    We debrief in our own words. Together we discuss the debriefing and our first thoughts.

  • 3. Creation phase

    It takes roughly two to three weeks to come up with a concept.
    We brainstorm multiple times, make design renders, collect mood images and share ideas with vendors.

  • 4. Presentation and feedback

    When we present we have a concept roughly measured and estimated. The presentation contains an explanation of the experience.

  • 5. Concept approval

    When the concept is approved we involve our network in getting actual estimates. We deliver a made to measure concept with an offer.

  • 6. Production and execution phase

    We organize and produce according to the signed off concept and budget.

  • 7. Evaluation phase

    We discuss the event on two levels:
    Communication: did we work together in the right way?
    Result: has the event delivered what you signed off for?

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