IF is a international creation and production agency, driven to realize brand experiences.
We believe that outstanding creativity and a high quality production is the most effective way to engage people.

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IF works with advertising and PR agencies to help generate and execute creative ideas, and also directly with brands and agencies on projects which involve creative direction and production.
We generate and produce original creative content for (live) events, shops, stands, exhibits, parties, and other purposes – from concept stage through to launch.

Within 15 years of experience, rooted in art and rock&roll, IF has built a talented, full-service team and we surrounded us with experts on a diverse range of backgrounds.

All united in one obsession: to create great work that delivers success, results and brand experiences.


We build and communicate brand identity through memorable experiences
: Creative direction, organization, production, budget control, the full circle….
: Activations, events, stands, parties, catering, hospitality and style


Memorable made to measure experience
Focussed creative energy
All created from true identity

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